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Website Rate And Look For Rankings


Google is constantly changing its criteria to sort websites based on keyword and key phrase relevance and while search phrases and back-links always have the lion's share in terms of weight, more and more apparently minimal aspects are taken into consideration. For example, take website speed. You might wonder what at all it has to do with online search engine positions but actually it is also a aspect (though with minimal significance, to be precise) that impacts your position with google.


How website rate impacts rankings

First, if you expected there speed impacts your positions major, we need to explain seoservice that this isn't so. While the two are related, you won't find a direct connection – i.e. Low position websites might fill quick and the other way around.


The results rely on which measurement you use to evaluate website speed. For example, if you take into consideration time required to fill the first byte of the site, then it turns out this is a huge aspect because websites that are quick to fill the first byte of a web page typically achieve greater rankings in google.


If you take other statistics into consideration – i.e. Time necessary to fill the main material or plenty of it takes to fill the complete web page (with pictures and ads), then things change because it seems these two aspects are not of that significance to google.


Overall, it's believed there speed has less than 1% effect on positions. Google themselves have stated that they take website speed into consideration but they didn't reveal details about exactly what matters.


Nevertheless, many websites review increase in visitors (from search search engines or otherwise) after they enhance their site for speed. This is a pretty valid purpose to do the same, if your site is slowly – you are not doing it for google, you are doing it for your users, your visitors, and your alterations. Website speed is key to consumer encounter, so if your site is slowly, there is no purpose to keep it that way. What's the use of getting visitors from search search engines, when your visitors have to hang for 10+ seconds before they can see your material – they will have left much before the site has packed.


What to do to improve website speed

If you want to enhance website speed, there are a couple of steps to be taken. First, you need to evaluate your site speed – otherwise how do you know it's slow?


1. Measure load times


In order to evaluate running time, you need a excellent device. The choice here is quite rich. Pingdom page load time device and google analytics site rate reviews provide a wise decision of your site's general performance. Webpagetest is a more advanced device because it allows to test your site in different internet explorer and spot slowly places on your site.


These assessments could take a while for a huge website but since they provide you with specific data about which parts are slowly, just be individual. Good resources review not only the average website speed but elements, such as first byte, customer time, a chance to fully fill, percentage of pictures, htmls, javascript data files, etc., which is useful later when you start solving the challenging places.


2. Move to a faster server


One of the obvious factors a site is slowly is that the server you are website hosting service it on is slowly. The factors here could be numerous – from a web host company that does not have the capacity to provide quick web servers, to the type of your website hosting service consideration.


The easier remedy here is to update your consideration. For example, if you have a huge website with many pages and frequent data source reads/writes and you are still using a distributed consideration, then no company to earth can provide the rate you need. In this case, if you are happy with the company per se, your remedy is to update from a distributed consideration to vps (virtual private server) or even to a devoted server. The costs for vps or a devoted server a month are much greater than what you are paying for your distributed consideration but if your site is making you cash (or at least has the potential to), the issue with website speed is basically eliminating your business.


On the other hand, if your web host company is not excellent even if you update your consideration, this won't fix your issue. The only thing you can do is move your websites to a excellent web host company. Here is a list of some of the best web hosting providers for you to choose from.


3. Optimize your site's rule and images


Your server might be quick but if your site itself is slowly, you will still encounter speed problems. If your code and pictures are not enhanced for quick running, you won't see speed developments until you fix them. This task could take a very, very lengthy time, especially if your code and pictures are swollen but you've got to do it.


For pictures, you can use pressure and/or smaller sizes. This will speed running major. For html, css, javascript, php and other web 'languages' you will find loads of techniques (and tools) how to enhance your code.


Website speed is not a aspect with huge significance for search engine results positioning positions, though it does count. The bigger issue with slowly websites is that they are not user–friendly, which in turn destroys alterations. If you don't want to lose cash because of the rate problems of your site, take plenty of a chance to fix them – it will pay in the lengthy run.


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